We provide a full range of services in this field. We advise and defend accused people for various criminal and traffic offences and can expertly assist you in:

• Providing straightforward and sound legal advice about your matter on a strictly confidential basis
• Obtaining disclosure documents and negotiate with police on your behalf
• Visiting and taking instructions from people in prison
• Briefing and instructing counsel for representation in higher courts for indictable matters
• Preparation for and providing representation in all courts
• Arranging justice mediation when possible, participating in case conferencing and drafting submissions on your behalf when appropriate

Common matters include:

• Animal offences
• Appeals
• Arson, endangering property by fire or setting fire to crops
• Assaults and acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH)
• Assault and obstruct police pursuant to the PPR Act
• Bail applications (Magistrates and Supreme Court)
• Break and enter, burglary,
• Breach of peace
• Computer hacking
• Commonwealth and Centrelink fraud offences
• Criminal negligence
• Cruelty to children; and failure to provide necessities to children
• Drug offences
• Domestic violence orders (applications for; or responding to an application for a DVO or a breach of a DVO)
• Entering or being in premises and commit indictable offence, enter by break
• Fraud, forgery and uttering
• Murder or manslaughter
• Passing valueless cheques
• Police interviews, investigation and search warrants(assistance and advice)
• Public nuisance;
• Robbery
• Stalking
• Seizure or confiscation of property
• Sexual offences such as rape, maintaining, sodomy, indecent treatment of a child, carnal knowledge, procuring a young person, using the internet to procure, taking child for immoral purposes, incest, indecent acts and assaults, bigamy, indecent dealing
• Stealing or receiving tainted property or possess property suspected tainted
• Stealing as a servant
• Torture
• Unlawful arrests or other irregularities
• Weapons offences
• Wilful damage

Traffic matters

• DUI, drink/drug driving, driving while license suspended/SPER suspensions
• General traffic infringements, good behaviour
• Unlawful use or possession of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving
• Work licence or special hardship license applications


We will inform you in advance of our very reasonable fees. Explain to you the road ahead and you will know exactly what our service to you will cost.

Contact us to discuss your particular matter or to arrange an appointment and we will give you clear and effective advice.

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